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Argus4 Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC)

Argus4 Advantages

Better Image Quality

Better Image Quality

  • Makes own “Core” - Argus is unique in the industry in that they design, develop and build their own thermal imager “Core”, rather than sourcing it from an OEM like other companies. This allows Argus far greater control over the operation of their TIC, and enables them to provide a superior product with advanced Digital Signal Processing to provide a clearer image, and Tri-Mode Sensitivity for a higher temperature range. (more info)
  • Digital Signal Processing - Argus (e2v) has developed custom algorithms to produce excellent images out of the clutter. There is a noticeable difference with the excellent filtering done by Argus to clean up the digital signals and provide a clearer image. Competitors purchasing their TIC Cores from OEMs have no direct control over what is done by the OEM to process the image. (more info)
  • Digital LCD Screen - The Argus camera uses a digital LCD screen and uses 100% digital signal processing for a clearer image. Most competitive thermal imagers use an analog LCD display, so the signal has to be converted from digital to analog to be seen on their analog display. (more info)
  • Tri-Mode Sensitivity – Higher temperature range and better image clarity (than competitive models). (more info)

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Useful Features

Useful Features

  • Dynamic Scene Colorization – Multiple color schemes allow great control over how the image is displayed. As can be see in the below pictures, this includes ability to pinpoint hottest parts of the scene. (more info)
  • Spot & Ambient Temperature Measurement - Argus includes both Spot & Ambient Temperature Measurement in most of their camera models. The display (as seen in the picture below) lists the ambient temperature at the camera's location and also the spot temperature at a single point in the distance. The TIC “set up” can be programmed to display these temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. (more info)
  • Digital Zoom - Argus thermal imagers are available with digital zoom to give the user a closer image. Some models have the option of 2X, others include both 2X and 4X digital zoom.
  • SceneSave™ - Captures & stores up to 100 images. (more info)
  • Customizable start-up screen - Argus offers the ability to customize the start-up screen on the thermal imager. This handy feature enables the customer to put their department logo, and even station or apparatus numbers or descriptions onto the TIC start-up screen. (more info)

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Better Warranty

Rugged Casing / Design Details

Longer Battery Life

Argus4 Firefighting Models

Argus4 HR320 Thermal Imaging Camera

Argus4 HR320

This camera uses Argus' best High Definition sensor for the best possible image. It has a 320x240 digital LCD, and is loaded with useful features.

Argus4 320 Thermal Imaging Camera

Argus4 320

The standard Argus4 includes a High Definition sensor, 320x240 digital LCD, and plenty of useful features.

Argus Police Model

Argus SC Thermal Imaging Camera

Argus SC

This camera uses Argus' best High Definition sensor for the best possible image but it has been optimized for the temperature range more suitable for police and security work. It has a 320x240 digital LCD and is loaded with useful features.

TIC Accessories

Argus TIC Accessories

Argus Accessories

We carry a wide range of accessories for all Argus fire and police thermal imagers.