Fire Suppression

FOL-DA-TANK Portable Water Tanks


FOL-DA-TANK Folding Frame Collapsible Tank
With pinch free design (patent pending)

FOL-DA-TANK's folding frame portable water tanks are designed for rural areas where water is difficult to supply. Their collapsible tanks double the firefighting capability at the fire scene. New Hinge Protector (patent pending) helps prevent pinching of hands and fingers when folding the tank. The hinge protectors are a standard feature on all folding framed tanks. Another standard feature is the grab handles that are placed on the floor of the liner. The grab handles help the firefighter pick up the liner when folding. Hinge protectors and grab handles are also sold separately as add-on kits. (NFPA 1142 Compliant, GSA Approved).

Frame Materials Include:
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
Liner Fabrics Include:
  • 22 oz Canvas Olive Drab
  • 17 oz Hypalon - Red or Yellow color
  • 22 oz Hypalon (- Red or Yellow color
  • 22 oz Vinyl - Red or Yellow color
  • 30 oz Vinyl – Orange only

FOL-DA-TANK Self-Supporting Frameless Portable Water Tank

FOL-DA-TANK's self-supporting water tank meets the most stringent requirements when storage and manpower are at a premium. (NFPA 1142 Compliant, GSA Approved).