Fire Suppression

Ventilation Fans

These positive pressure fans are made to clear heat and smoke from structure fires, saving property and providing safer working conditions for firefighters.

 VENTRY Ventilation Fans Ventilation Fan with legs extended Electric Ventilation Fan

VENTRY Ventilation Fans

  • High Air Volume
  • Advanced prop curvature produces, tighter air cone, allowing fan to be placed farther from the opening.
  • VENTRY® Fans produce more air flow by design. We can use smaller engines and yet produce more air flow.
  • Lighter weight & less carbon monoxide.
  • Safety Propeller Composition - VENTRY Safety Props are Kevlar and fiberglass composites with a cedar wood core. Safety Propellers accept a tremendous amount of use and abuse, yet are designed for controlled disintegration when safety warrants, without release of high energy projectiles.
  • All-Terrain Positioning
  • The extendable tripod leg design makes it quick & easy to set up the fan on hills or on uneven ground, such as stairs. It straddles obstacles and lifts fan out of dirt, sand, snow and mud. Controls are raised within easy reach of the operator.
  • An added benefit to the extendable leg design involves the air stream. It provides maximum flexibility in aiming air stream, allowing for direct, horizontal air flow into structure. CFM is increased as legs are extended, because air reaches the propeller from all directions.
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