Fire Suppression

Argus Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC)

Argus thermal imaging cameras have been supplying the world's fire fighting institutions for over 30 years and they've combined this extensive experience with the design skills of some of the best engineers in the world to create the two Argus fire lines, the Argus Mi-TIC and the Argus4. The Mi-TIC is the smallest thermal imaging camera on the market and has been designed to be a personal infrared camera for firefighters. The Argus4 is the large format classic that paved the way for handheld thermal imaging within the firefighting market. Both are specifically made to take on the toughest and most dangerous environments so you can rest assured, it won't let you down.

Argus cameras have the best image quality of any handheld thermal imaging camera on the market today, and include numerous innovative features designed to help save lives and property! Argus backs their thermal imaging cameras with the best warranty in the business.

Argus Mi-TIC series of thermal imaging cameras

Argus Mi-TIC Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Argus Mi-TIC incorporates the latest in technology to be the world's smallest high resolution thermal imaging camera for fire fighters. The Mi-TIC is the smallest thermal imaging camera on the market and comes with the most advanced features available in any thermal imaging camera. It has a crystal-clear thermal image,  digital zoom and is extremely lightweight at 26 ounces (1 lb. 10 oz.)with the battery attached. The Argus Mi-TIC is safe, reliable, easy to use, compact and ergonomic.

Argus4 series of thermal imaging cameras

Argus4 Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Argus4 is the highly successful thermal imaging range from e2v, designed specifically to help fire fighters to see in conditions of zero visibility including complete darkness and smoke. It allows them to identify and rescue casualties, locate hot spots and the seat or spread of the fire. It is lightweight, ergonomic and capable of withstanding harsh environments and requires no end-user maintenance other than recharging of batteries and post-use external cleaning with a soft cloth.