Fire Suppression

Argus Mi-TIC Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Argus Mi-TIC incorporates the latest in technology to be the world's smallest high resolution thermal imaging camera for fire fighters. The Mi-TIC is the smallest thermal imaging camera on the market and comes with the most advanced features available in any thermal imaging camera. It has a crystal-clear thermal image, digital zoom and is extremely lightweight at less than 26 ounces (1 lb. 10 oz.) with the battery attached. The Argus Mi-TIC is safe, reliable, easy to use, compact and ergonomic.

Choice of Functionality

The 3-Button models have two function buttons in addition to the power button. Each of the two function buttons can be configured by the user to initiate 2 different functions, one by a quick press, and another by holding the button for 3 seconds.

Choice of Two Different Sensors

Best Performing Sensor (Mi-TIC 320-3 & Mi-TIC 320-1) - 320x240 sensor provides the highest quality image of any personal style TIC.

Lowest Cost Sensor (Mi-TIC 160-3 & Mi-TIC 160-1) - For budget conscious departments wanting max functionality the 160x120 sensor offers crystal-clear image quality at a lower cost.

3-Button Models
for more functionality

1-Button Models
for simplicity and ease of use

Argus 320 Mi-Tic 3 & Argus 160 Mi-Tic 3 Argus 320 Mi-Tic 1 & Argus 160 Mi-Tic 1

Argus Mi-TIC 320-3

Argus Mi-TIC 320-1

Argus Mi-TIC 160-3

Argus Mi-TIC 160-1

Digital Zoom
Allows the user to zoom in on the scene from a distance for improved investigation and identification of hot spots and dangers.
(x2/x4 on 320, x2 on 160)
Digital Zoom
Not Available
Color Modes
Fire Mode & Search / Overhaul Mode
Color Mode
Fire Mode

Optional Advanced Video Pack

The Advanced Video Pack adds a Black Box Video mode to all four Mi-Tic models, plus several other video and image modes to the 3 button models. The Advanced Video Pack can be added after initial camera purchase by procuring an Image & Video Upgrade Token from Santiam.

Standard features common to all four models

Multiple Wear Options

Unlike many thermal imagers, the Argus Mi-TICs design allows it to be worn in multiple ways. Because of its shape and small size, the camera provides the user with the choice of positioning the camera either in the hand, inside a pocket, clipped outside a pocket, clipped to a lanyard or hung around the neck.

The Picatinny Rail

The Picatinny rail at the top of the camera allows users to attach off the shelf accessories such as a laser pointer or flash light.

Argus4 320 Thermal Imaging Camera

Supplied With Dual Use Docking Station

This multifunctional docking station will simultaneously charge 2 batteries, one in the camera and one spare, utilizing a unique locking mechanism to ensure reliability.  The docking stations come with a 12V DC cord and a 120V AC cord, and also have 2 USB ports to allow for PC connectivity. A maximum of 6 docking stations can be daisy chained together and hard wired into a truck. The multipurpose mounting bracket means the docking station can be mounted both horizontally or vertically.

Li-ion Phosphate Battery

The Mi-TIC incorporates the latest in safe Li-ion battery technology, Li-ion phosphate. These batteries will not explode when subjected to heat, unlike standard Li-ion batteries. However, they do retain the advantages of Li-ion batteries such as not developing memory and lasting a long time.

The standard size battery will power the Mi-TIC for approximately 2 hours. An optional larger battery pack is available that will power the unit for up to 5 hours.

Spot Temperature Measurement

Displays the temperature of objects within a defined area of the thermal scene.

Tri-Mode Sensitivity

While other brands of TICs have only two ranges of sensitivity, the Argus Mi-TIC series have an expanded third level of sensitivity for very high scene temperatures to enable clear imagery at all temperatures. This expanded temperature range means that temperatures in excess of 1800°F (1000°C) can be viewed.

Customizable Start-up Screen

Department logos or station names can be added to the start-up screen for asset tracking and/or personalization of the camera.

On-Screen Time and Date (user configurable)

The time and date is displayed at the top of the viewing screen.

Field Replaceable Germanium Window

Spare germanium windows are available to enable the user to easily remove a damaged window and replace it in the field without the need to send the unit back to the manufacturer.

Super-Fast Start Up Time

Starts up in under 5 seconds which allows users to deploy the camera more rapidly.

Easy To Use

Less training is required to get users familiar with the camera operation.

Larger format LCD screen

This helps the user who is wearing breathing apparatus to view the thermal image more easily.

No Software Required

When users plug the camera into a PC via the docking station the camera will be recognized as a removable hard drive – just like a standard USB device.


Argus Mi-TIC Battery Pack

AA Battery Pack

The AA battery pack adds additional flexibility to the ArgusR Mi-TIC camera. It uses 7 AA batteries which allow it to operate for up to 4 hours when you're cut short on an uncharged or misplaced Argus rechargeable battery. It features a thumb operated latch that allows it to be easily removed and re-attached to the camera in the heat of the moment.