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Citrosqueeze® PPE cleaner is formulated to remove the harmful hydrocarbons and soils resulting from fires and chemical spills, while maintaining the integrity of your turnout gear. As most everyone now knows, dirty, grimy turnout gear is unsafe for the health and welfare of the firefighter. Use Citrosqueeze® and clean your turnout gear!


Note: Citrosqueeze® helps maintain the protective quality of turnout apparel. It is the PPE cleaner tested and determined safe by DuPont for cleaning Nomex®, Southern Mills (Tencate) for cleaning Pbi® and Kevlar®, W.L. Gore & Associates for cleaning Gore-Tex®, 3M Products for cleaning specific Scotchlite® Retroreflective Firecoat Trims #8486/7, 9825, 8930, 8935, 8986/7, 9910, 9486/7, and Safety Components International, Inc. and CIBA Specialty Chemicals for cleaning the isodri™ outer shell system.

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Solutions D

Solutions D™

Solutions D™ is a concentrated disinfectant detergent with a neutral pH that is NFPA 1851 compliant for PPE and Turnout gear. It is also an effective disinfectant on hard non-porous inanimate environmental surfaces. Eliminates odors, and kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria.

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