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Super Pass II™

Super Pass II™

The Super PASS II™ is the first of the 'Auto On' series of NFPA compliant Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) from Grace Industries, Inc. The 'Auto On' feature provides the next level of assurance that PASS are not only being worn, but are turned on ‘automatically' when removed from the 'Storage' position.

When removed from the 'storage' position, the Super PASS II™ Accountability Storage Key will automatically pop off putting the unit into the 'Sensing Mode' (ON). When Super PASS II™ turns ON, a series of loud attention getting audio tones will be heard. These audio tones are accompanied by the visual wig-wag display of four yellow L.E.D.s, indicating that the unit is in the ‘Motion Sensing Mode'.

When there is a lack of motion for approximately 18 to 23 seconds the unit will go into the 'Pre-Alarm' mode and annunciate an audible 'Pre-Alert' signal. In this mode, the yellow wig-wag display is replaced by the intermittent pulsing of four red L.E.D.s accompanied by a sweeping 'Pre-Alarm' audio signal, which grows progressively louder. The longer the unit is in 'Pre-Alarm', the louder the sweeping 'Pre-Alarm' signal becomes, signifying that the unit is closer to the full 'Alarm' mode.

After a lack of motion lasting approximately 30 to 35 seconds, the unit will go into the 'Alarm' mode. When in 'Alarm' the 'Pre-Alarm' display is replaced by the constant rapid pulsing of four red L.E.D.s, which is accompanied by loud audio 'Alarm' signal that rapidly varies in pitch. This feature is invaluable for recognizing and locating downed firefighters. Once in 'Alarm', pressing both side buttons simultaneously can reset the unit.

When in the ‘Sensing’ mode, the Super PASS II™ may be put into the 'Alarm' mode at any time by manually pressing the 'Alarm' button located on the front surface of the unit. To turn the Super PASS II&#trade; Off, simply replace the Accountability Storage Key, thereby returning the unit to the 'Storage' position, and pressing both side buttons simultaneously.

The Accountability Storage Key is a value-added benefit of Grace Industries Super PASS II™ . The clear Identification Window provides the opportunity to specifically identify the user through the ability to personalize the keys with photos, names, numbers, department ID, bar codes, etc. The clear access window easily snaps into place to protect the enclosed information and provide instant access for rapid identification should the need arise. Replacement keys are available.

Super PASS II™ is also available with temperature sensing capability. Approximate response times for optional temperature alarm.