Fire Suppression

Valves & Appliances

Storz Adapters

  • Forged aluminum 6061-T6 Storz connectors.
  • Sizes range from 1” to 6” and are available from rigid female or male, swivel female, 30° elbows or Storz x Storz connections.
  • All parts are hardcoat anodized for added corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Adapters are laser engraved for easy identification.
  • Storz 4” to 6” heads supplied with Metal Locking Device that meet NFPA 1963.
FSA Adapters

Northline FSA Adapters

  • Storz to Female Solid Threaded Connections.
SFSA Adapters

Northline SFSA Adapters

  • Storz to Female Swivel Threaded Connections.
  • Rocker Lug Female (pictured on the left) or Long Handle Female.
SFSA 30° Adapters

Northline SFSA 30° Adapters

  • Storz to Female Swivel 30° Elbow Adapter.
  • With Rocker Lug or Long Handle Female (pictured on the left).
MSA Adapters

Northline MSA Adapters

  • Storz to Male Rigid Threaded Connections.
SSA Adapters

Northline SSA Adapters

  • Storz to Storz Adapters.
SSA 30° Adapters

Northline SSA 30° Adapters

  • Storz to Storz 30° Elbow Adapters.