Fire Suppression


Protek Monitors

Protek Single Line Ground Monitor

Protek Single Line Ground Monitor

Model: PR-600
  • Simple & quick operation. Operates like handline but much more water.
  • Unmanned operation saves manpower.
  • Unmanned Elevation – adjustable between 30 and 60 degrees (down to 20 degrees when manned).
  • Horizontal rotation adjustable 20 degrees either side of center.
  • Compact folding legs for easy storage.
  • Carbide tipped spikes for extended wear and stability.
  • Flows up to 500 GPM.
  • 2 ½” Inlet & Outlets
  • Compact & lightweight (only 14 lbs.).
Common Options:
  • PR-822 Master Stream Nozzle
  • PR-117 Smooth Bore Deluge Tip
  • PR-119 Stream Shaper

Protek Dual-Purpose Ground Monitor

Model: PR-622
  • Durable, Lightweight Aluminum (weight 32 lbs. ground monitor or 20 lbs. deck monitor)
  • Dual Application - Portable Monitor or Add Flange for Deck Mount
  • Quick Locking System –Heavy Duty Spring-Loaded Lock Pins
  • Safety Stop at 30 Degree Above Horizontal. (Can be released to go below Horizontal When Used in Deck Mount Mode)
  • Full, Unobstructed 3" Waterway for Low Friction Loss
  • Optional Package Including Quad Stacked Tips, Top Flange And Stream Shaper
High Volume:
  • 800 GPM in Portable Mode with Double 2-1/2" Inlet (Model PR-622-2)
  • 1,000 in Mode with 4 or 5” Single Inlet (Model PR-622-1)
  • 1,250 In Deck Mount (Model PR-622-3)