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Mertex® Process

Mercedes Textiles’   Mertex® Process<

With Mercedes Textiles’ Mertex® Process, hose delamination is a thing of the past!

Patented Mertex® Lining Method:
  • Molten polyurethane liner injected into inner jacket while woven at loom.
  • Smoother waterway = greater water flow.
  • No adhesives, glues, or bonding agents needed for liner.
  • Virtually impossible to "delaminate" liner.
Competitor’s Synthetic Hose Lining

Competitor’s Synthetic Hose Lining

  • Rough Surface = Less Water Flow
  • Laminated or Glued Lining = Potential for Delamination
Mertex® Process Hose Lining

Mertex® Process Hose Lining

  • Smooth Surface = Greater Water Flow
  • Direct Inject Molten Polyurethane = No Delamination