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Mercedes Textiles Identify™ Coding System

Designed to receive and protect identification markings and decals from abrasion damage.

Mercedes Textiles Identify Couplings Mercedes Textiles Identify Couplings Mercedes Textiles Identify Couplings  
  • Recessed identification zone on hose couplings (patent pending) for multipurpose applications
  • Facilitates the ability to track and inventory hose
  • Identify Zone protects barcode labels, color labels, identification markings, reflective decals, or engraved numbers from abrasion damage
  • Can fit up to 12 engraved letters or numbers.
  • Engraved Numbers are Hi-Lited behind the engraving. Yellow Color (for standard grey coupling color), or Black Color (for gold coupling color).
  • Identify Zone color labels (non-reflective) include the following colors: Tan, Black, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Purple
  • Eliminates the need to color code the complete length of hose
  • Allows hose line color coding to be changed as required
  • Lime-Green color reflective decals facilitate increased night visibility
  • Two Identify Zones per coupling come on regular NH couplings, and one Zone per coupling on Storz
  • Standard on the Mercedes Textiles KrakenEXO hoses.
  • Optional on the Mercedes Textiles Megaflo, Aquaflow-Plus, MTFS-800 DP, MTSS-800 Carry-Lite & Aquapower model hoses, sizes 112" to 3".
  • Optional on the Mercedes Textiles Megaflo supply line
  • Optional on the Highwater Hose Hydratak 600 134" hose.