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Genesis Flat Form High Pressure Airbags

Genesis manufactures four sizes of special “flat form” airbags. These airbags are spread among the larger half of the normal high pressure square shape lifting bag range. They feature four tethers forming a solid square – making the air bags flat at the top and bottom. This design dramatically increases surface area, making them much more stable than traditional high pressure airbags.


All Genesis flat form high pressure airbags are reinforced with Kevlar, and feature a 5-year warranty.

Genesis Flat Form Airbag advantages

Data Sheet

ModelDimensionsInitial CapacityFinal CapacityLifting Height
ART.FFK13 22" x 22" x 1" 22.7 tons 7.7 tons 6.7"
ART.FFK17 24" x 24" x 1" 27.7 tons 12 tons 6.7"
ART.FFK26 31" x 31" x 1" 46.4 tons 20 tons 8"
ART.FFK44 36" x 36" x 1" 74.1 tons 35 tons 8"

Our compact dual controller has a push-button design. The buttons remain easy to push when the system has air in it. Advantage? SAFETY...and less potential for a "load shift" when lifting heavy, unstable objects.