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Boron Capability

"Boron Capable" is the way Genesis distinguishes cutters that excel at cutting the toughest of the “Ultra High Strength Steel” found in cars today. Boron is probably the toughest to cut UHSS example, but others exist including Martensite, Dual-Phase, etc.

Boron Capable Tools
  • All 9s Cutter
  • C236 Cutter
  • C231 Cutter
  • C270 Cutter
  • C260 Cutter
  • C165 Cutter
  • 16c “Brute” Combi-Tool

Where do we set “the bar”…?
Subaru WRX STi

According to State Farm Insurance’s Extrication Research Team, Subaru's WRX STi has the toughest to cut B-Post on the market, with two solid boron bars that run the length of the post. All Genesis cutters labeled as "Boron Capable" can cut this post, the toughest B-Post on the market. Only a handful of cutters can cut this post, and Genesis makes most of them.

Watch the video

Watch the Video!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “talk is cheap!” If a manufacturer says their tools can cut a Subaru WRX STi post, ask them to show you the video. They would have taped it, as this is a remarkable achievement!

Play Video Video 1: Genesis Boron Capable Cutters