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Boostlite® Reel Hose

Boostlite® Reel Hose

Reel hose. Kink resistant at low pressure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extremely kink resistant, even at low pressure.
  • Tight bend radius (less than 3.5” for ¾” hose, and less than 4.5” for 1” hose).
  • Non-collapsible, and fits standard Hannay hose reels.
  • Heavy duty spun yarn construction.
  • Patented Mertex® lining produces very low friction loss and maximum flow.
  • Standard strobe yellow Permatek™color treatment for greater visibility & abraision resistance. Also greatly reduces moisture absorption through the jacket.
  • Resistant to most chemicals, petrol products, ozone & UV exposure, hydrolysis, rot & mildew.
  • Service-Proof-Burst PSI is 400-800-2000.