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Genesis Blade Lubrication System

Genesis Blade Lubrication System Genesis Blade Lubrication System Genesis Blade Lubrication System

A recessed grease zerk fitting on the center bolt feeds grease down the center of the bolt to a groove on the side of the center bolt. This groove connects to three grooves on each side of each cutter blade and effectively distributes the grease. The system reduces damage to blades by keeping the center bolt & cutter blades lubricated, and also helps to push debris (glass, metal fragments, etc.) out of wear points. The Blade Lubrication System prevents galling, and helps keep cutter blades in good shape in the time between regular scheduled maintenance.

The Blade Lubrication System comes standard on Genesis cutters & combi-cutters, but with competitive rescue tools it is not available at any price.

Galled Cutter Blades

Results of Non-Lubricated Blades

The picture shows a competitor’s cutter blade, and it is badly galled. Only Genesis makes a Blade Lubrication System standard on cutters & combi-cutters.

Mini Grease Gun

Instructions for Use

A grease gun such as this, with lithium grease, can be used with Genesis’ Blade Lubrication System, which helps keep the blades properly lubricated.

  1. Open & close the cutter blades 3-4 times while slowly squeezing the grease gun trigger to add grease.
  2. When grease starts to appear at a point between the blades stop applying grease.
  3. Wipe off any excess grease visible around the cutter blades.