Fire Suppression

Hand Tools



Pick Head Axe 6lbs. - Fiberglass or Hickory
Flat Head Axe 6lbs. - Fiberglass or Hickory
Force Axe (Flat Head) 8lbs.
Axe Cap - Protective Cap for Pick Head Axe available

Truckman's Axe

Fiberglass 6 lbs. pickhead axe with overstrike protection and exclusive self-extinguishing celtex grips. Will fit all trackman’s belts and is 28" long.

Marry Strap

Designed to free one hand allowing the other to hold onto a stair railing, ladder rung, or hold a flashlight. Its purpose is to "marry" the irons (axe & Pro-Bar) to each other so the unit can be carried together by one hand.

The Marriage of our Most Popular Multi-Functional Tools!

The 14-in-1 Firemaxx and the Pro-Bar 24" with two rings and reflective shoulder strap. A yellow Velcro mini-marrying strap marries them together. A chrome trigger snap, attaches to the rings of the Pro-Bar 24"